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  • 759,584.00000 staked ETH (1.58%)

    Expected ratio: 1.11152

    Market ratio



    Peg of Ratio Token = Market Ratio / Expected Ratio

    This is the ratio you would get on the market

    Ex: if the Expected Ratio is 1.5 you would expect 1500 tokens for your 1000 tokens

    if you sold on a dex.

    If the Market Ratio is only 1.2, it is off-peg

    Peg for 10


    🚀 100.67%

    Represents how much of ETH you would get if you traded your rETH token.

    We use kyberswap for the best routing





    Peg of Ratio Token = Market Ratio / Expected Ratio

Liquid Wrapper Pegs

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