Joe Wars


Total veJoe supply: ---

Circulating Joe



= total joe minted - joe locked as veJoe

We're not subtracting out Joe held in rJoe and sJoe at this time

Liquid Wrappers

  • Vector (zJoe) logo

    Vector (zJoe)

    -- veJoe (--%)

    -- Joe staked (--%)

    veJoe holder: 0x0e25...13422

    Token: 0x769b...0aC2A

    Peg: --

  • YieldYak (yyJoe) logo

    YieldYak (yyJoe)

    -- veJoe (--%)

    -- Joe staked (--%)

    Token: 0xe746...5B725

    Peg: --

  • Beefy (beJoe) logo

    Beefy (beJoe)

    -- veJoe (--%)

    -- Joe staked (--%)

    Token: 0x1F2A...4EeE2

    Available for burning


    -- beJoe

    How much of the token can be burned to get back to Joe

    There's no market for beJoe you need to wait for enough in reserves to cash out.

    This means that if there are a lot of people cashing out at once

    you might have to wait for more people to mint beJoe so you can cash out

  • SteakHut (hJoe) logo

    SteakHut (hJoe)

    -- veJoe (--%)

    -- Joe staked (--%)

    veJoe holder: 0x1ab6...14b3a

    Token: 0x80Ed...f866C

    No market for swapping back

    This token cannot be swapped back for Joe at this time.

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